Product Safety & Compliance

Our Promise: At Ariel Premium, we have built our reputation on designing quality products that organizations can trust when promoting their brand. An important part of this quality story involves great attention paid to the safety features that must be built into many of our products, items such as our technology, drinkware, bags, health and lighted products – plus, any items which may have the opportunity to be used by children under 12.

We are committed to ensuring that the products we design and imprint conform to the highest degree of established standards regarding product safety, social compliance, environmental stewardship, product quality and supply chain security.

We also pay considerable attention to both the material content and construction of each product. We believe these to be core components of our overall product safety standards.

Product Safety Testing: Ariel Premium conducts ongoing verified independent 3rd party laboratory tests on the vast majority of our products. We test for safety features and components, materials used, intended product functionality and legally required chemical compositions. These tests verify that our products are safe. Our most recent documented test results are available to you by request.

CPSIA Compliance: Ariel Premium complies with all of the provisions of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (CPSIA). While our products are primarily designed and intended for general use by people of all ages as advertising gifts, and are not generally intended for children, we recognize some of our items may possess characteristics resembling children's products and that some distributors sell our products where the recipient may be a child. To this end, Ariel Premium provides a series of parameters to comply with the CPSIA.

For orders in which Ariel believes our products may be distributed to children, we will first verify this intent by contacting our distributor with questions or concerns. If the product is intended for use by children, CPSIA compliance requires that a tracking label be applied to each item. This tracking label identifies the manufacturer, production date and location, batch number or other identifying characteristics in order to track a product’s source in the event of a safety recall. An additional charge of $0.05 per piece will apply to these orders.

California Proposition 65: Ariel Premium works diligently with our global supply chain to ensure complete compliance with Prop 65 specific to our collections of drinkware, bags, stress relievers, Aqua PearlsTM hot/cold packs, lip balms, hand sanitizers, sunscreens, journals, notebooks, pedometers, umbrellas, luggage tags, pillow & blankets, towels, lights, piggy banks, massagers, Huggles and kitchenware; as well as the imprinting inks we use.

From our collection of more the 1,300 products, only these 19 items require the state-mandated warning labels:

WCP-CP11 Flexi Mobile Device & Phone Holder   WTV-AW15 Active Wear Wireless Headphones
WKA-SC11 Splash O' Color Coaster   WTV-EC15 Easy Clip Headphones
WKA-SS11 Sip N' Spill Coaster   WTV-EB15 Little Buddy Earbuds
WKA-SP11 Spill Coasters 6-Pack   WTV-LB15 Little Buddy Earbud Gift Set
WPC-CF12 Microfiber Cleaning Cloth - Coffee   WTV-MF16 Moji Foldable Headphones
WPC-ED12 Microfiber Cleaning Cloth - Education   WAB-HG18 Horseracing Maple Board Game
WPC-EX12 Microfiber Cleaning Cloth - Exercise   WAB-BG18 Baseball Executive Board Game
WPC-FD12 Microfiber Cleaning Cloth - Food   WAB-PH18 Penny Hockey Executive Board Game
WPC-CW12 Microfiber Cleaning Cloth - Cow   WAB-PS18 Penny Soccer Executive Board Game
WCP-MF15 AC-to-USB 9000mAh Power Bank      


To comply with recent updates enacted by the California legislature, Ariel has implemented changes to our Product Warning Labels for our remaining product categories not listed above. Effective August 30, 2018, we include a revised warning on the packaging of all orders shipping to customers in California. This warning label now includes a California website link -- – which provides complete compliance and legal information. According to Prop 65 regulations, it is now the responsibility of the distributor to have the warning displayed on their own website and catalog.

Working With Our Overseas Partners: Ariel Premium considers it a priority to communicate our values and high standards with our overseas production partners. We only use partners who understand our values and have a solid history of quality, delivery and safety – those who consistently meet the highest quality standards we have already set for ourselves. In doing so, we have built solid long-lasting relationships of trust and openness that allow our partners to innovate and improve product safety, performance and their own quality standards in support of our mutual growth here in the U.S. and abroad.

As part of these standards, we require all of our partners to 1) disclose the true materials used in their products, 2) conduct their operations ethically by abiding by the laws and regulations within their own country, and 3) understand that Ariel will discontinue business with any partner we believe is involved in unethical conduct.

Product Safety Inspections: Ariel Premium pre-qualifies each of the overseas partners from whom we purchase. Our in-house Purchasing and Inspection Team conducts visits and inspections of overseas partners, where applicable. Our team is fluent in several Chinese dialects, as well as the customs and laws there, and works throughout the year to establish trusting business relationships with each partner.

Use of Latex: Ariel does not incorporate the use of latex in any of our products. Independent lab test results are available for many of our products identifying their chemical compositions, as well as providing information regarding our compliance with state and federal safety laws.